Thursday, September 27, 2012


Yesterday's ultrasound did not reveal the miraculous results we were hoping for.  My lining is now at 6.5.  We're all baffled by this, since with the mock cycle, I was at a 10 after eight days on Estrace.  Also, it seems that the ED is having a bit of trouble as well, so we've still got some time to get things right.  Transfer has been moved to the first weekend of October, as long as the ED is ready for retrieval by then.  It looks like we'll be transferring regardless of the thickness of my lining.  All fluffy vibes you'd see fit to send my way are GREATLY appreciated!


  1. I am sending you lots of fluffy thoughts... :) I am stalking your blog now and have it on my blogroll! It's all going to work out... and you are a Poppin' Pumpkin... so hey! It's going to be a great October!