Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Lining check went ok today. Clocked in at 7.4. It's not an 8, but it's close! The RE is confident that it will be at an 8 come transfer time, so we're not too worried. Transfer is scheduled for 10/8! Squee!
HCG and my first PIO shot tonight. I'm a little nervous (hubby is VERY nervous haha), but the excitement I feel at finally reaching this point in our journey far outweighs the nervousness.  

Our first BETA is scheduled for 10/21. It was supposed to the 17th, but I'll be vacationing in Puerto Rico til the 20th. I'm hoping a nice, relaxing vacation will be just what the little emby needs to decide to stay!

And good luck to Chelle on tomorrow's transfer! Many, many sticky vibes!

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