Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Turns out Aunt Flo won't be making an appearance until around the time I take the last active birth control pill in the pack.  Thank God for that!  The hubby turned three shades of gray when I told him that I was late.

In other news,what gorgeous weather we're having here in Chi-town!  68 degrees today, and it will gradually get warmer as the week progresses.  I took my little nugget to the park today for a little picnic after schoolShe rode her little bike all around the park like a little speed demon 3 times.  She was so proud of herself for not giving up even when she got tired or encountered big potholes and bumps.  I love seeing her enjoy herself and do things to make herself proud.  She's a helluva kid. :)  Added bonus: she'll fall asleep in 10 seconds!  Hello bottle of red!


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    1. I would have been thrilled, except I would feel really bad for my IPs! The hubby would've gotten over it by the second trimester. Lol!