Friday, March 9, 2012

Blogging FAIL

Ugh.  I've never been good at updating.  No wonder the only diary I ever had chronicled grades 6 through Senior year of high school.  ANYWAY...a few steps toward our goal were taken in the past few weeks.
Monday's ultrasound went swimmingly.  I was told to arrive for the ultrasound with a full bladder, so when I left home that morning, I brought a nice big travel mug brimming with mint tea and honey.  Now, I knew that the RE's office was a ways from my house, but I had no idea how far it actually was, or how long it would take to get there in weekday morning traffic.  It took about an hour and half to get there, and by the time I was halfway there, the mug of tea was almost empty.  About 10 minutes from the RE's office, I had to stop at a McDonald's.  I tried not to empty my bladder completely, but it was so hard not to!  My little pit stop caused me to be a few minutes late for my ultrasound.  They had to retrieve some eggs from another patient, so the RE decided to do that before my u/s.  I ended up having to "take a little bit off the top" twice before the RE saw me.  The RE did not look at all like I expected!  He was pretty gorgeous.  Kind of like if George Clooney and Anderson Cooper had a baby who grew up to be a doctor.  Now, I don't know other women feel about it, but I can't help but feel 10 times more self conscious when there is a good looking person tooling around down there!  Dr. Gorgeous asked if I wanted to watch the scan on a screen, so I thought, why not?  I watch medical procedures on TV all the time.  Big mistake.  While it was cool to get a glimpse at my insides, I can't see Angelina Jolie's lips without thinking about my cervix.  Anyway, he said that I have a beautiful uterus and everything looked great.  It was really hard not to read anything into that.  He said I have a beautiful uterus! *sigh*

Last weekend, we had the psych eval.  It went pretty well, aside from the psychologist being a little too flaky/crunchy for  our tastes.  She hugged us before we left which was kind of weird coming from someone you've only known for an hour.  She called my IP's and myself letting us know that she would definitely be approving us for this journey.  I am so excited to begin.  Now, we just have to get through contracts and I can begin taking my fertility meds!  Right now I'm just taking birth control pills, as we're in a bit of a holding pattern.  With all the meds and stress of the past few weeks, I haven't been able to lose any weight.  I think that I still have about 5-6 before a transfer is even possible.  I hope I can lose something by then.  Every little bit counts!

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