Thursday, March 15, 2012


I went into a Labcorp today to take care of all of the screenings.  They took FIVE vials of my liquid gold!  I had my head turned the other way so I wouldn't see the process.  I don't usually freak out at the sight of blood, but I've found that with age, things that never used to bother me potential to make me panicky.  Anyway, when all was said and done, I saw the five vials lying on the table.  I was shocked that they even needed that much!  
The receptionist and phlebotomist were so sweet and super supportive of my reason for being there.  Of course they asked about comp, and when I told them that I was doing it for free for a family member, they both looked at me as though I were a complete nutter!  LOL!  Hubby goes in tomorrow to get his blood drawn and I'm sure they'll be asking him all sorts of questions about how he feels about me being a surrogate.  
One thing that I can't seem to deal well with is how to respond to the praise I receive.  It embarrasses me when I'm told how wonderful/caring/special etc. I am for doing this.  I love the well wishes, but I can't keep from blushing and looking down at my shoes when I'm praised for it.  I guess it's just something that I will have to get used to, as I'm learning that more people are supportive than not when it comes to surrogacy, which really warms my heart. 
After the lab work comes back clean,then all we have to do is get through contracts and then I can start taking my meds! :)  I can't wait to get things rolling!

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  1. first time i had blood drawn, it was 15 vials! i kid you not! they clotted 2 and i returned the next day for 2 more! now it's just 1 or 2 thank goodness!